From bean to cup, we're proud to present Pipeline Coffee Company.

 our story

After years of fangirling over their favorite roasts and learning the coffee making craft, physical therapist, Mike Santo, and local contractor Pat Tighe decided to open their own coffee shop with ties to Long Island's long history on the waterfront. The roast had to be perfect, the shop had to be beautiful, and their methods sustainable. Luckily, all three were attainable goals.

Pipeline Coffee Company was founded in 2018 by lifelong friends Michael Santo and Patrick Tighe with one goal in mind, bring fresh, local and sustainable coffee and fare to Long Island...Here at Pipeline Coffee Company, our team is committed to source and select high quality and sustainable green coffees from the world's most renowned growing regions. All of our coffee products are roasted on site in small batches which allows us to maintain quality control, and deliver a consistent, high quality coffee that maintains integrity with every cup.